Jaymz Kennedy is a Seattle Washington based photographer and local musician. His eye for photography is otherworldly. When asked what type of work he shoots, Jaymz shrugs and says I don’t know…then gives a very resounding “everything that has light attached to it.” And there you have it, the trappings of his mind where his inner vision becomes the images he captures that are both haunting and stirring at the same time. Invoking pleasure and pain in a rare twist of light and fate. The works vary from shooting: weddings, landscapes, shadows, people, sports, love, sorrow, darkness, light, animals, buildings, doors, old cars found on personal pilgramages into the soul of his world.

Jaymz K is for hire for any of your photography needs. from Weddings, band promos, concert photography to birthday partys. Please contact us for rates.

Also, Check out the Prints for sale. All photos are avaible to be printed up, framed and displayed in your Home, office or your own place of interest. 

Please Find us on Facebook. There are 100's of gallerys and images there that are not posted here. So take take a little time and explore.  It is updated every day!





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