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Why Jaymz k?

Jaymz's unique style of creative fashion and artistic photojournalism results in powerful and emotion provoking images. As a documentary wedding and portrait photographer, Jaymz captures the true essence and raw emotion of any event. His eye for photography is otherworldly. The works vary from shooting: weddings, landscapes, shadows, people, sports, love, sorrow, darkness, light, animals, buildings, doors, old cars found on personal pilgramages into the soul of his world.

If you’re getting married, your wedding day will most likely be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Seattle wedding photographer, Jaymz k, creates spectacular wedding images with every photo telling a unique story. Jaymz will document every moment of your wedding in a stylistic and fun manner preserving your memories for a lifetime.


With an unparalleled knack for angles and an almost eerie ability to be in the right

 place at the right time, Jaymz Kennedy began his photography career with a bang.   Established in the seattle photography scene, this artist has made a powerful impression by showing us the secret life of the world around us.  With a haunting twist, he draws our attention to the tragic beauty of life, shining a vibrant light down the dark corners of our streets, our lives, our world.  He often focuses on the forgotten, the downtrodden, the abandoned – an old car taken over by nature, a stuffed animal rain-drenched and weather-beaten, or a human in the same condition – and compels us to look at a sliver of life exposed and undisturbed.

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