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Resourceful and creative professional with 10+ years of diverse freelance photography experience, producing varied projects across private events, commercial real estate, and promotional subjects in both indoor and outdoor environments. Leverages Adobe software and equipment knowledge to capture, create and edit varied subject matter, while producing exceptional images for clientele.


Utilizes extensive background in IT Support to engage with clients and effectively assess needs to realize customer vision in uniquely shot and edited photographs. Dedicated to capturing extraordinary events with a focus on encompassing active elements within imagery, ensuring impactful and notable subject beauty.




  • Client Relationship Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diverse Subject Expertise
    • Project Plan Development
    • Image Processing & Post-Production
      • Interior & Exterior Shoot Planning
      • Promotional Photography
      • Equipment Operation
      • Art Direction




Visual Arts Program, Photography | Everett Community College | Everett, WA                                                 2019 – Present

Visual Communications Degree | Edmonds Community College | Edmonds, WA                                                     2018 – 2019


Relevant Coursework: Digital Photography | Black & White Imaging | Creative Explorations | Photojournalism | Newspaper Photography | Foundational Portfolios | Colour Theory | Studio Lighting | Portraiture




  • Client Collaboration: Frequently collaborates with clients, establishing shoot requirements and creative vision across multiple projects, collecting details and client requests while defining expectations.
  • Project Lifecycle Management: Provides direct communication from project concept to execution to establish client needs before and during events, mitigating concerns and ensuring creative and accurate image capturing. Routinely follows up with clients post-event, providing corrected proofs to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Dynamic Subject Matter: Executes photography shoots based on client requests including indoor and outdoor environments. Captures a wide range of subject matter across Portraiture, Weddings & Engagements, Concerts, World Travel, Promotional Photography, Family & Events, and Landscapes. 
  • Photo Composition: Utilizes foundational knowledge and professional experience to express subject matter in effective imagery, while acknowledging object relationships and environment to produce high-quality final products.
  • Visual Communication: Conveys events and key moments to create an immersive visual experience accessible to both attendees and external viewers.
  • Post-Shoot Image Processing: Expertly utilizes Adobe Creative suite, including Lightroom for colour correction and Photoshop to remove imperfections, applying detailed quality improvement image processing methods while editing shots to enhance image attributes.
  • Specialized Equipment Operation: Produces high-quality images, leveraging foundational knowledge of photography lenses and equipment to best enhance environment to support subject matter.


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ü  Captured viral imagery of Seattle and Spokane during Covid-19 Pandemic, highlighting beauty of abandoned cityscapes in “Silence in Seattle” series featured on news interview with KRM2, Spokane.

ü  Conducted photojournalistic project, highlighting diversity in Seattle with a focus on Muslim student culture while capturing both local and external stories.

ü  Provided annual portraiture service to Academy of Interactive Entertainment, capturing 250+ student and staff portraits as well as class group photos.




Lead IT Support Officer | Academy of Interactive Entertainment | Seattle, WA                                                         2016 – 2017

Desktop Support Specialist | Amerigroup | Seattle, WA                                                                                                      2012 – 2015

Desktop Support Specialist | Corbis | Seattle, WA                                                                                                                 2011 – 2012




Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop | Lightroom | Illustrator | Bridge | InDesign | Elements | Premier

DSLR Camera Operations

Sony | Canon



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